GE Healthcare Return Policy

Order Cancellation and Modifications



If Customer cancels an order prior to shipment without GE Healthcare’s written consent, GE Healthcare may charge: (i) a fee of up to 10% of the Product price.  GE Healthcare will retain, as a credit, payments received up to the amount of the cancellation charge.  If Customer does not schedule a delivery date within 6 months after order entry, GE Healthcare may cancel on written notice. 


Equipment Acceptance

Beginning on delivery, Customer will have 5 days to determine if the Equipment operates substantially in accordance with Specifications (“Equipment Test Period”). If the Equipment fails to perform accordingly, Customer will provide to GE Healthcare: (i) written notice; (ii) access to the Equipment; and (iii) a reasonable time to bring the Equipment into compliance. After correction by GE Healthcare, Customer will have the remainder of the Equipment Test Period or 3 days, whichever is greater, to continue testing. Equipment is accepted on the earlier of expiration of the Equipment Test Period or the date the Equipment is first used for non-acceptance testing purposes.


Equipment Warranty

For non-customized Equipment purchased from GE Healthcare or its authorized distributors, GE Healthcare warrants that Equipment will be free from defects in title, and, for 3 years from Equipment Acceptance, it will: (i) be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service; and (ii) perform substantially in accordance with the Specifications. The warranty covers parts and labor and only applies to end-users that purchase Equipment from GE Healthcare or its authorized distributors.