Anesthesia Equipment

** Locking in discounts via the button above will connect you directly with product experts for discussion and/or equipment demos. You will not be obligated to purchase but your group buy discount will be locked in. No payment information required. **

Up to 21% off national agreement standard tier!

Premier Contract: PP-OR-2050
Group Buy End Date: September 30, 2024
Shipping: All orders must be submitted by September 30, 2024. Member must negotiate delivery date with GE HealthCare.

Promotional Offer:

Members could save up to an additional 21% beyond the national agreement standard tier when trading in Anesthesia equipment towards the purchase of new Anesthesia equipment with Carestation Insights or End Tidal Control.

Members will receive an incremental discount off current qualified tier pricing for the following Products**:

  • 4% discount: Aisys CS2 with End Tidal Control
  • 2% discount: Aisys CS2
  • 3% discount: Carestation 750, Carestation 650, Carestation 620

Combination Value

Members will receive an additional 1% discount when purchasing the following products with Carestation Insights:

  • 5% discount: AisysCS2 with End Tidal Control
  • 3% discount: AisysCS2
  • 4% discount: Carestation750

Trade-In Value (assessed at time of order) provide up to 17% in additional savings.

** Additional discount applies to standard Premier discounts only; inapplicable to custom discounts and local agreements 
** Subject to Quote Configuration.

Additional Value

When trading in used equipment, trade-in values may be available (based on make/model/age of system and fair market value).

Please check with local GE HealthCare representative for more information.