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Collagen - ZeniCOL

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ZeniCOL is a high quality, sterile, non-hydrolyzed pure collagen dressing composed of 100% native bovine collagen. Collagen is used to promote angiogenesis, decreased MMP levels in chronic wounds, stimulate collagen deposition and formation of granulation tissue in the wound.

ZeniCOL Ag Collagen Dressing with Silver is an advanced wound care dressing made of animal derived collagen, sodium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), ethylenediamineteraacetic acid (EDTA) and silver chloride. The topically applied wound dressing transforms into a soft gel sheet when in contact with wound exudate to maintain a moist wound environment that aids in the formation of granulation tissue and epithelialization and removes zinc to inhibit the activity of MMPs. The silver chloride in the dressing is an effective antimicrobial intended to prevent colonization of the dressing.

Product Features

  • Highly Absorbent
  • Non-Adherent to Wound Bed
  • Compatible with Topical Agents and Dressings
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Available as Granules for Deep, Tunneling Wounds
  • Easy Application
  • Pad May be Cut to Size
  • Promotes Angiogenesis
  • Decreases MMP Levels
  • Stimulates Collagen Deposition and Granulation
  • Promotes Moist Wound Healing
    • ZeniCOL Ag:
      • Aids in granulation formation and epithelialization
      • Contains Silver antimicrobial
      • Inhibits MMP activity

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