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Expand Accessibility to Diagnostic Imaging at the Point-of-Care

Through our specialized portfolio of wireless point-of-care ultrasound scanners, we are dedicated to helping you improve clinical outcomes, streamline workflows, and improve efficiency across the continuum of care.

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Clarius PAL HD3

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Dr. Tom Cook, Emergency Physician

The new PAL HD3 scanner is a big breakthrough. Integrating both the phased and linear array means you only have to carry one transducer around for 95 to 99% of the studies at the bedside.

- Dr. Tom Cook, Emergency Physician
Dr. Alan Hirahara, Orthopaedic Surgeon

The ergonomics and the size are ideal. In addition to the actual quality of the image, you're getting it wirelessly. It's on par with any corded device I have.

- Dr. Alan Hirahara, Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Shaunie Keys, OBGYN

One of the best things about Clarius ultrasound is the imaging, which is super crisp and clear.

- Dr. Shaunie Keys, OBGYN