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Linens - Bedding

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Encompass bed products assist in creating a room environment appropriate for rest and respite. Patients should feel positively about their room so that they can concentrate on their medical circumstances. Bedding products used to care for patients should be selected for their quality and the comfort they impart to the patient experience. A patient’s sense of well-being comes in part from their perception of care and attention to detail. Encompass offers high quality patient focused products that meet this need.

Encompass’ Envelope Design knit sheets improve patient comfort with added convenience for staff. The patented envelope design construction allows for easier bed-making and ensures that sheets stay in place when the bed is raised or lowered. The unique no-elastic construction makes for exceptional durability and stands up to the rigors of institutional laundering.

Global Select™ Collection Sheets offer pure-finish percale weave, ring-spun yarns providing smoothness and good hand, and durable 55/45 cotton/poly blend for exceptional value.