RDS-32a: Rapid UVC Disinfection System 

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Large enough to disinfect 1000s of items, 
but small enough to place anywhere!


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952% ROI Case Study

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  • Independently certified pathogen deactivation up to 6log10 or 99.9999%.
  • Exclusive M2D technology inside guarantees repeatable outcomes.
  • Accommodates both wired and wireless devices.
  • Fixed desktop and mobile applications.
  • UL approved, FCC certified, EPA registered, meets FDA guidelines 2020, ISO9001: 2015.
  • Totally green solution: no heat, moisture or waste
  • No consumables, no supply cost.
  • No annual preventive maintenance or parts replacement necessary.
  • RDS unit has a 10-year life cycle.
  • UV germicidal lamps have a life span of 720,000 cycles.

The RDS-32a can deactivate more pathogen strains, on more items, to the highest level of efficacy in the shortest cycle time, than any other like product on the market today.

No Hype, Just Science

Mainstream in Healthcare IFUs

Not Your Standard UVC Disinfection System!

Incorporated into the RDS design are custom ultraviolet germicidal lamps that utilize custom phosphor materials, scarce earth metals, and electrical components resistant to heat, moisture and ozone to provide an optimum UVC intensity, lower maintenance, and a longer life span than standard UVC systems.

Michelle, Chief Foundation Officer, Providence Hospital

The rapid decontamination systems are the gift that keeps on giving. With the first RDS systems purchased over two years ago, the return on investment is not only in lives protected and reduced infections but in dollars saved. The RDS helped Providence Holy Cross surpass their cost-containment and supply savings goals, with a 66% savings in the first year.

- Michelle, Chief Foundation Officer, Providence Hospital
Mary, Nurse Manager, Kentucky

While hand hygiene is the single most effective means of decreasing "HAI's", the importance of effective cleaning and disinfection of non-critical medical devices and equipment went overlooked. Staff and visitors enthusiastically welcomed the RDS into our daily infection protection and control strategy. Our hand-hygiene numbers also improved as a result.

- Mary, Nurse Manager, Kentucky
Pete, ICU Nurse Manager, Orlando, FL

Our nursing staff is the linchpin in our continuous effort to reduce HAIs and prevent avoidable harm. The signage at our "Rapid Decontamination Station" says, 'don't pass it on, don't take it home'. We use the RDS every day!

- Pete, ICU Nurse Manager, Orlando, FL