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Vital Signs Monitor Accessories

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Accessories for your iM3 Vital Signs Monitor


Cuff.E6 NIBP Cuff, Small Infant, 13cm-17cm, reusable, with EDAN Logo
Cuff.E7 NIBP Cuff, Infant, 16cm-21.5cm, reusable with EDAN logo
Cuff.E8 NIBP Cuff, Child, 20.5cm-28cm, reusable with EDAN logo
Cuff.E9 NIBP Cuff,  Adult, 27cm-35cm, reusable with EDAN logo
Cuff.E10 NIBP Cuff, Larger Adult, 34cm-43cm, reusable with EDAN logo
V-NIBP.TUBE Reusable NIBP Tube for reusable cuffs, 3m
02.57.225029 SpO2 Finger Sensor,Adult, 2.5m, integrated, 7 pin
01.57.471068-11 SpO2 7-pin Extension Cable
SH1.DB9 Edan Adult Hard-Shell SpO2 Finger Sensor (DB9), 1 m, reusable 
SH3.DB9 Edan Wrap SpO2 Sensor (DB9), 1m, reusable 
SH4.DB9 Edan Adult "Hood" Soft-tip SpO2 Finger Sensor (DB9), 1m, reusable  
SH5.DB9 Edan Pediatric "Hood" Soft-tip SpO2 Finger Sensor (DB9), 1m, reusable 
02.57.225000 Edan Adult/Pediatric Ear Clip SpO2 Sensor (DB9),1m, reusable (Must use with Extension Cable)
M3.Wall.Mount Wall Mount for M3 Vitals Monitor
M3.Stand Rolling Stand for M3 Vitals Monitor