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Vital Signs Monitors

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iM3 Vital Signs Monitors - Smarter, larger, yet slimmer

  • Combining a stunning ultra-slim design, a large capacitive touch screen, and a rich set of innovations, iM3 takes the lead and presents itself as the pioneer of a new industry benchmark. Bringing in full options of SpO2, NIBP and Temp, iM3 serves for both monitoring and spot check applications.
  • Unique Round Mode: A patient map can be easily imported via USB or downloaded from EMR systems. The map contains all patient beds and their color-coded measuring status, providing full ward information in a quick glance. Measurements will be stored and a round report can be easily generated from the device.
  • Average BP Mode: To eliminate false readings such as white coat hypertension, an average BP mode is introduced in the iM3. The monitor will measure BP automatically for a few times within minutes and presents a more reliable and convincible reading. This will help distinguish suspected cases and assist diagnosis, especially in cardiovascular screening and primary cares.
  • 360° Smart Light: To adapt to different applications, the smart light switches functionality automatically. It works as an alarm light in monitoring mode, offering instant indications on alarms. In spot checks, it will be turned off, leaving only screen indications on abnormal readings, preventing unneccessary concerns from the patients. It even works as a breathing light in standby mode, enabling quick wake-up while saving energies.


  • Ultra-slim Design
    • Thinnest Spot: 6.6 cm
    • Weight: < 2.5 kg
  • 105 Tilted
    • Capacitive touchscreen
    • Customizable shortcut
  • Quick Pass
    • BP Measurement
    • New Patient
    • Patient Type Switch


iM3.NS iM3 VSM w/ NIBP & SpO2, includes starter kit
iM3.NS.C iM3 VSM w/ NIBP & SpO2 + Filac Oral Quick Temp, includes starter kit
iM3_NSTEX iM3 VSM w/ NIBP & SpO2 + Exergen Temporal Quick Temp, includes starter kit