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The VITEK MS PRIME and VITEK 2 systems leverage bioMérieux’s 60 years of microbiology expertise and seamless ID/AST integration. Together, they help laboratories deliver fast and accurate results to clinicians that support informed treatment decisions to improve patient outcomes.

  • Group Buy Discounts:
      • 10% off contracted pricing for VITEK 2 equipment
      • 10% off bioMerieux advanced integration engine when included with instrument purchase
      • 10% off Lab Optimization Project when purchased with VITEK 2 and/or VITEK MS PRIME
      • $7,500 off VITEK MS PRIME systems when purchased in conjunction with either VITEK 2 equipment. Requires purchase of advanced integration engine
      • CLARION VITEK 2 advanced antibiogram only (25% off the CLARION COMPLETE Module) – requires 3-year SaaS Agreement
  • Premier Contract: PP-LA-543
  • Contract Category: Automated Microbial Identification and Susceptibility Analyzers
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