Vive: Far UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection

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Vive is a versatile device that works autonomously to eliminate harmful microbes from both air and surfaces. Using 222 nm UV-C light, also called Far UV, Vive is safe for occupied spaces, which makes it perfect for reception desks, bathrooms, nurses workstations, and smaller conference rooms.


Protect high-risk spaces with 99%+ air and surface disinfection. With continuous Far UV-C, there's no need to rely solely on manual chemical disinfection anymore, which miss up to 50% of surfaces.


Improve your indoor health practices. Enhancing ventilation and disinfection protocols have been shown to increase employee productivity, student achievement, and reduce viral risk.


Achieve your IAQ goals with 64% less energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions than HVAC. Upgrade from point-in-time to continuous surface disinfection while producing 99% less waste than chemical wipes.


Labor-free disinfection that automatically powers on/off to maximize efficacy and bulb life while minimizing energy usage.

Connected Platform

R-Zero's software platform, Connect, integrates data from all devices, extracts insights, and manages workflows. Location and operation of each device is recorded and can be shared in reports to key stakeholders.


 Microorganism Tested 

Efficacy (Reduction of Microbes) 

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis (MRSE) (Bacterium)

99.99% Far UV/120 minutes

Klebsiella aerogenes (Bacterium)

99.99% Far UV/120 minutes

T1 (Virus)

99.99% Far UV/90 minutes

Aspergillus brasiliensis (Fungi mold spore) (Test: ASTM3135)

99.7% Far UV/240 minutes

Human Coronavirus Strain 229E (HCov-229E) (Virus - Surface)

99.78% 3.28 ft. (1 meter)/30 minutes